Humbl Inc.

Humbl is a healthy fast food restaurant concept. They make delicious organic, GMO-free, plant-based versions of familiar favorites like burgers and pizza. Humbl is on a mission to spread the idea of healthy and purposeful living. So our job was to create a brand identity that would appeal to a broader customer base, instead of focusing on the health-conscious vegan customers. This project is a collaboration with Truffl agency.

Humbl has an unpretentious, friendly personality. He is open to everyone and believes food can be both healthy and tasty.

ZIGZAG is an expressive font family, with four alternatives for each letter. A great way to display character and achieve distinctiveness.

“Serve a purpose” — Humbl’s motto reflects the brand’s philosophy to inspire a purposeful and healthy lifestyle.

Humbl never imposes his opinions on others. He loves joking about himself and presents his accomplishments in a humble manner.