Branding, Motion

MyZone is a technology-driven event agency with a mission to transform the events industry. Combining traditional know-how and software development, they build innovative tools for event professionals. We redesigned their brand identity, including new brand architecture, positioning, values, and visual identity.

The brand promises clients fewer distractions and more focus on their creative work. So the logomark, inspired by circuit boards, symbolizes “the zone.”

Gelion font has a geometric construction and a lot of visual character. It represents the company’s tech nature and fun-loving culture.

The dynamic color system is inspired by transformation, technology, and stage lighting.

The redesign included design guidelines with application examples, stationery design, and a photo style guide.

We applied the color gradients to low-key photos to create branded visuals that don’t look like stock photos.

Challenge was to create a brand purpose that would unite all business departments under a motto that reflects their “Get things done” attitude.