The Dial

The Dial

We created a brand identity for a modern-day temple. The Dial spa is an intimate space where people with busy lives come to disconnect from society and reconnect with their inner selves. The brand’s promise is holistic rejuvenation through indulging experiences, inspiring environments, and the absence of technology. This project is a collaboration with Truffl agency.

“Discover inner space.” — The Dial motto is an invitation to explore the physical space of the Dial spa. But more important, it is a call for isolation from external disruptions and reaching for your inner self. That’s why the logo performs an optical illusion which pulls you in.

The spa interiors are minimalistic, natural, and monumental. Free from noise or mobile phones. To display this specific mood, we used clean aesthetics, symbolism, and natural elements. The color palette is inspired by space, earth, sand, and light.

We designed the stationery, iconography, signalization, membership cards, cosmetics packaging, and menu cards. We also developed a concept for a branded magazine called “Silence”.

We defined a photo style guide insisting on a clean composition, a motif inspired by nature, and detailed textures.